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Knovos Academy is a continuous learning platform that offers training and certification programs through a variety of formats. Our instructional programs are
available in both classroom and virtual settings.

Knovos Academy
"Knovos Academy upholds our tradition of 'Value-Focused' innovation and committed for educating customers on in-depth capabilities of our technology solutions for maximizing ROI of their technology investment"
Dharmesh Shingala
Dharmesh Shingala CEO

About Knovos Academy

Knovos Academy is a dedicated online learning platform managed by Knovos. It offers product certification and other training to aspiring candidates. It is a systematic approach to deliver domain knowledge and product training; and validating the same.

The scope is not limited to just product certification but this Knovos Academy portal becomes a single source of truth for any technical know-hows down the road. By integrating Knowledge base, product updates, and a community discussion forum for Knovos customer, we aim to develop a self-led support and learning ecosystem.

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  • Law firm: Onboard your paralegal and litigation support team members to leverage the product’s capabilities at its best.
  • Corporate Legal Department: To reduce outside expenditure, upskilling your in-house legal and IT team is need of an hour.
  • Legal Service Providers: A team of certified product experts sets you apart from competitors.

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Before proposing a solution to your clients, an adequate product knowledge is imperative. Get certified today!

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Extracting potential evidence out of voluminous data is daunting. Certified product expert can do this challenging job better than others.

Product Certification

Information Governance

Information Governance

This course gives the learners an introduction to Information Governance concepts, and an overview of some basics of Information Governance.
  • 01 Hrs 15 Mins
  • 3 Lessons | 1 Quiz


This course provides information on basics of Electronic Discovery Reference Model.
  • 00 Hrs 40 Mins
  • 5 Lessons | 5 Quiz
Knovos Discovery Introduction

Knovos Discovery Introduction

This course introduces Knovos's homegrown Review Technology.
  • 00 Hrs 20 Mins
  • 5 Lessons | 1 Quiz
Introduction To Document Review Lifecycle

Introduction To Document Review Lifecycle

This course provides a walkthrough of commonly used features and options of the Review Module within Knovos Discovery solution.
  • 01 Hrs 00 Mins
  • 3 Lessons | 3 Quiz
Knovos Discovery Processing Application Basics

Knovos Discovery Processing Application Basics

This course provides an overview of how processing is performed using Knovos Discovery's Process Module.
  • 00 Hrs 45 Mins
  • 4 Lessons | 1 Quiz
Knovos Discovery Review Application Basics

Knovos Discovery Review Application Basics

This course provides understanding of the layout of Knovos Discovery's Review Module, functions, & commonly used features.
  • 02 Hrs 20 Mins
  • 3 Lessons | 5 Quiz

How it Works

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  • Be the first choice of employers who seek Knovos certified product experts
  • Increase the reach and engagement on LinkedIn and other social platforms
  • Demonstrate productivity and precision in routine job
  • Networking opportunity with like-minded community of Knovos users


  • Achieve “do more with less” objectives
  • Ensure error-free delivery to clients
  • Assess the staff skills and gain actionable insights
  • Show-off your “certified” status for unlocking new sales opportunities

Show off your Knovos product skills with certificates.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I sign up to the Knovos Academy?

We don’t allow upfront registration at the moment. You can submit an enquiry by filling out the enquiry form here. Our team will reply you within 24 hours.

How much does it cost for each course?

Courses are available on free of cost for Knovos Licensed customers and authorized partners. Number of users who get access to courses depend on the license you own or partner contract you’ve signed. Individuals can submit an enquiry for the course pricing.

What is the qualifying criteria for getting certified?

You need to score 80% in an online assessment to get certified. In order to appear for the assessment, you must go through all the lessons or topics linked with the particular course.

Can I retake for the assessment if I do not pass the first time?

Yes, you can retake assessment in case fail to pass the exam in first attempt. Maximum three attempts are allowed per user per course.

How long is my certificate valid? And What is the process to renew certificate?

Certificate is valid for 2 Years from the issue date. In order to renew certificate, you need to pass the online assessment with 80% score.

What is the timeline to complete a course?

At this moment, there’s no timeline to complete a course. However, we suggest 15 days’ timeline for completing the course.

Does licensed customer receive discounts on purchasing courses for their team members?

Yes. Please reach out to your point of contact for the best deal.

Does authorized Knovos partner receive discounts on purchasing courses for their team members?

Yes, contact your point of contact at Knovos for the best deal.

Can I get access to sandbox environment for practice?

Nope, we don’t provide access to sandbox environment.

Can I share the certificate on social media?

Yes, of course! Share your certificate on LinkedIn and other platforms. You can also add this in “Education” tab of your LinkedIn profile.

Can I download/copy the course materials for future use?

Course material is a proprietary asset of Knovos. You can’t copy or reuse the materials outside Knovos Academy.

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